Clear2O® RV Filter Makes Clean Water Possible for RV Campers; Must-Have Gear for Upcoming Road Trips

Solid Carbon Block, Lowest-Micron Filtering Puts the CLEAR(2)O® Inline Filter at the Top of the RV-Trip Checklist

MIRAMAR, Fla., Sept. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --With Labor Day now come and gone, and the summer season officially over, RVers are now preparing for their fall and winter seasons. For some, that means a weekend getaway in their RV, but for others, that means a longer hiatus to escape their cold, winter climate.

While there are numerous preparatory tasks RVers need to perform to get their "home on wheels" into perfect working order, there is one that should arguably be at the top of the checklist: ensuring that they have access to clean, healthy water. After all, whether it's for drinking, cooking, showering, cleaning, or rinsing, the quality of an RV's water is a critical element in the enjoyment – and the health - of everyone who will be on the trip.  

That's where the CLEAR2O® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter comes in. The CLEAR2O® RV Filter is one of the best filters on the market for both RV and marine users. This filter dramatically reduces contaminants, bad taste, sulfur odor (a big problem for RVers at campgrounds), and chlorine in campground water so that users can enjoy clean, delicious water in the comfort of their RV or boat.


The CLEAR2O® RV and Marine Inline Water Filter has numerous advantages over competitive RV filters:

  • Superior Water Filtration – The CLEAR2O® RV Filter works at the one-micron filtration level (70 times smaller than a human hair). Some newer RV filters can filter down to 20 microns, but many others only filter to 100 microns; the lower the micron level, the better the filtration.
  • Carbon Block – The CLEAR2O® proprietary solid-block, carbon filter reduces contaminants far more efficiently than traditional granulated carbon. This technology also reduces herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial wastes, and perfluorooctanoic acids (PFOA's) from water.

 In addition, the filter provides these features and benefits for consumers:

  • VOC – The filter reduces VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as benzene and trihalomethanes, and other harmful contaminants and sediment from water, while maintaining healthy minerals to help secure the pH balance of the water.
  • Independently Tested – The CLEAR2O® RV Filter has been independently tested to meet or exceed water-quality industry standards for reduction of chlorine, lead, and VOC.
  • Install by Hand - The filter easily connects by hand, eliminating the need for tools.
  • Less Contaminates, Less Staining – By greatly reducing contaminants in water, this filter reduces staining on surfaces.
  • Water Tank Protection – Using this filter also means keeping contaminants out of the RV water tank.

The importance of clean water, especially for frequent RVers, cannot be overstated, said Keith Bernard, president and CEO of CLEAR2O®.

"You'd be hard pressed to come up with another item that is used so frequently – or is so integral to an enjoyable and healthy RV trip – as clean water," he said. "Our CLEAR2O® RV Filter is simply going to provide RVers with the cleanest, healthiest water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and other needs," he added. "With our solid-block carbon, filtering down to one micron, and an abundance of other advantages, there is no other RV filter that comes close in performance."

More information about the CLEAR2O® RV Filter is available in this short video or on the CLEAR2O® website. The filter can be bought direct on the CLEAR2O® website and is available at many Walmart stores or on

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