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Better Water with the Clear2O® GRAVITY™ Advanced Water Filtration Pitcher
Applica Water Product LLC, a leading developer of water filtration products, is pleased to announce the launch of its new,
 Clear2O® GRAVITY™, Advanced Water Filtration Pitcher

Miami Lakes, FL     DECEMBER 2015

Interested in better water?

The Clear2O® GRAVITY™ Advanced Water Filter Pitcher offers superior filtration utilizing our pleated mesh Positive Cat-Ion filter, creating a filter system that fills faster and lasts 50% longer than existing granular carbon filters. That means better water and savings for the consumer.

“It has never been more important to provide clean water for our customers and their families, said Keith Bernard, Chief Operating Officer, and now we have developed an even easier to use, longer lasting filter system that utilizes our advanced Clear2O® Cat-Ion filter technology that attracts and locks in contaminants with an electro-positive charge for cleaner, better water.”

Each GRAVITY™ filter is comprised of a pleated filter media created by grafting nano alumina fibers to microglass filaments and coated in all-natural carbon powder. During the process, a positive charge (+) is applied to the filter that acts to disrupt the natural path of contaminants and bonds them to the media. This allows for removal of sub 1 micron contaminants while still allowing water to flow quickly through the filter.  “Technology of this type has been applied in space exploration and other industrial applications, now our new GRAVITY™ Advanced Water Filtration Pitcher brings a high tech solution for better water filtration to our customers, said Bernard.”

And, the filter is not the only improvement, the Clear2O® GRAVITY™ pitcher is also packed with helpful features, like a flow-through lid design that makes it easier to fill from the tap, a space-saving design, and our TrueLife™ mechanical filter life indicator system that tells you when the filter has reached its 60 gallon filter life, not a simple timer like many of the competitive models.

So, enjoy SUPERIOR filtration with FASTER FILLING and LONGER filter life as compared to typical, granular carbon filters. And for value, the Clear2O® GRAVITY™ is priced in line with current water pitcher systems in the market, with 50% longer filter life.  “Clear2O®, Better Water by Design.”  

Since 2008, Applica Water Products LLC has delivered improved water filtration technologies for the home, through its Clear2O® and Clear2GO® brands.  The Clear2O® tagline of “Better Water By Design,” is fulfilled by identifying and applying superior water filtration technologies in the consumer market.  At present, the Company participates in the countertop, filtered Water Pitcher category under the Clear2O® mark and, for water on the GO, we offer filtered Water Bottles under the Clear2GO® marks.  Applica Water Products will continue to build value in its brands through offering superior performance in water filtration.

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Better Water with the Clear2O® Mineral Rich, Alkaline Water
Applica Water Products LLC, a leading developer of water filtration products, is pleased to announce the launch of its new, enhanced alkaline water purification pitcher — Clear2O® Mineral Rich, Alkaline Water Pitcher

MIAMI LAKES, Fla., March, 4, 2015 -- Good health starts with the correct acid-alkaline balance in your body. An appropriate pH balance can promote normal blood sugar levels, help you maintain good cholesterol levels, promote proper electrolyte activity, heart & circulatory function, and good digestive health. With the aid of pH-balanced water, your body will be able to maintain itself more effectively towards a healthier life.  Many people are choosing enhanced alkaline water to support the body by maintaining optimal pH levels, which promotes optimal health.

With recent focus on the importance of clean, pH-balanced water, it comes as no surprise that people are increasingly interested in having clean pH-balanced drinking water in their homes. Applica Water Products LLC has set as its mission to deliver pH-balanced filtered water to the consumer via the introduction of the NEW Clear2O® Mineral Rich, Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher, which provides clean filtered water through its 5 Stage filter. It filters the water, raises the alkalinity level (pH: 8.5 – 9.0), and adds beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals to help fortify the water.

Each Clear2O® Alkaline Filter produces 80 gallons (304L) of pH balanced, mineral-rich water.  Each glass of Clear2O® mineral rich, alkaline water costs pennies compared to similar, pH enhanced, bottled-water brands that cost $1.50 or more per bottle.  In addition, the Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher is eco-friendly, BPA FREE and space efficient while providing customers with the benefits that come with drinking alkaline water. With an easy to use design, the water window is easy to fill without removing the lid and the Filter Life Indicator System shows when the filter needs to be replaced based on the amount of water used in the filter…not just a timer like many competing brands.

Since 2008, Applica Water Products LLC has developed water filtration devices offering quality water filtration products under its Clear2O® and Clear2GO® brands. The Clear2O® Mineral Rich Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher provides clean, pH balanced water to ensure that the drinkers can enjoy perfectly balanced water to help maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the body, and with recent concerns about maintaining good health, the Clear2O® and Clear2GO® lines of products are clearly the go-to brands for healthy water preferences. 

Chief Operating Officer Keith Bernard says, “The company has been well-recognized in a leading consumer magazine for providing superior filtration products, and serving a loyal customer-base interested in better water.” “Our customers have been requesting a Clear2O® Alkaline Filter Water Pitcher,” he says. “Now we offer the next generation of pH water filtration with the added benefit of enhanced-minerals for health.”

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