Clear2O Advanced Water Filtration Pitcher - CWS100 

How many glasses of water does the pitcher hold?
The Clear2O filter water pitcher holds 9, 8-oz. glasses of clean drinking water.

Which filter model do I buy for my Clear2O® pitcher?
Clear2O replacement water filter model CWF501 (single pack) and CWF503 (3 pack) reducing over 200 contaminants.  

How long does it take to fill the pitcher?

The Clear2O pitcher fills under a minute, faster than most pitchers in the market. 

What method of filtration is used with the CWS100?
Our pitcher (CWS100) uses the faucet pressure to pass through the one micron solid carbon block filter reducing over 200 contaminants in under one minute. This pitcher requires a faucet aerator installation.  Recommended for standard faucet only, not kitchen spray faucets.  The pitcher includes a Clear2O Faucet Adapter kit that is supplied with two different types of aerator adapters.  The adapter has a dual thread design with female 55/64"-27 and male 15/16"-27 threads. If your faucet does not have these types of connections then you may want to consider installing the adapter on another faucet within the house. Many customers are willing to install the unit in a utility or bathroom sink and use the Clear2O® Quick Connect Hose Extender to fill the pitcher using a faucet with a shallow sink in order to continue to enjoy the clean great tasting water.
Does the pitcher include a filter?
Yes, our pitchers include a filter to get you started the moment you receive the product.
Can the pitcher filter untreated water?
You should never use anything other than municipally treated or private well potable water with the Clear2O® water filtration system for clean, safe drinking water.

What contaminants does the pitcher filter water reduce?

The Clear2O® Advanced water filter pitcher has been tested to reduce over 200 contaminants including asbestos, cadmium, cysts, lead, mercury, turbidity, VOCs, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial wastes, PFOA's (Perfluorooctanoic Acids) and more.  

Do I have to use the aerator sink attachments provided with the Clear2O® filter water pitcher?
Yes, please visit our troubleshooting guide for additional installation directions.

How do you remove the pitcher lid to clean your pitcher?

Carefully lift up the hose and pull gently while holding handle. To remove the lid assembly, use your index finger, lift the filter lid to open. Grasp the top bar on the filter and pull it straight up to disengage the lid assembly from the pitcher.
How often do I change the filter?
Filter needs to be replaced once 50 gallons have been reached and/or the filter indicator is red.  It's necessary to change your filter regularly to maintain optimum performance. Users with hard water should increase frequency of filter changes.
Should I be concerned with my Clear2O® pitcher, there are black specks in my the water reservoir what should I do? 
Seeing carbon particles in the pitcher after several weeks of use is not a problem. The particles are also not an indication that it is time to change your filter. You should change it every 2 months or every 50 gallons, whichever comes first. Sometimes smaller particles become loose and may be seem at the bottom of the filter. This is not a problem. However since the particles are unsightly, you may want to remove the filter and rinse in cold water.

What is the minimum/maximum temperature of the water that I can use with the pitcher?
There is no minimum water temperature, the maximum water temperature that should be used with the Clear2O filter water pitcher is 85°F (29° C).  NEVER use hot water (above 85°F (29° C).  

Is Clear2O® filter water pitcher made out of recyclable plastic material?

Yes, the Clear2O pitcher is BPA Free and recyclable. It is made of ABS and AS plastic. For responsible recycling, please visit

Is the pitcher dishwasher-safe?

No. The water filtration system including the pitcher, lid, and filter reservoir should be cleaned periodically by hand. For best results cleaning the pitcher lid, dilute a teaspoon of vinegar in a cup of water. Soak a soft sponge in the vinegar solution and wipe clean.

Can I refrigerate the pitcher?


Can I use a spray faucet with this pitcher?
This product is NOT recommended to be used with a spray faucet.  It directly fills from your tap, using the force of the water flow to fill faster than the filters that just have the water drip through the filter.  

What is the intelligent-filter indicator?

The intelligent-filter indicator measures the amount of water used, so you'll always know when it's time for a replacement water filter.

How does the green/yellow/red intelligent-filter indicator operate?

Clear2O Advanced water filters 50 gallons of water consumption. The filter indicator will stay green for 40 gallons of water, changes to yellow for 10 more gallons of water. When it changes to red, it's time to replace the filter. The filter indicator resets to green each time a filter is locked into the pitcher, so don't unlock the filter unnecessarily because this will reset the filter meter.

Do I need to clean the unit after replacing the filter?
You should fill and discard the first 3 pitchers of water to flush the filter and purge the air.

Does the filter need to be soaked prior to using the pitcher?

No soaking is required. ​

What is the difference between model CWF100 and CWF500?
The model CWF500 series is the new and improved model that reduces over 200 contaminants.  The CWF100 is no longer in production.


Does the Clear2O® Gravity Water Filter Pitcher require a faucet installation?

No, installation is required.  The Clear2O Gravity Water Filter Pitcher is design with a wide pour through lid.

How often do I change the filter?
The TRUE LIFE™ Filter Indicator alerts 60 gallons have been reached.
How many glasses of water does the pitcher hold?
The BPA free pitcher has 48 oz. capacity, 6 Glasses
What is the filtration level for the Gravity Water Filter Pitcher?
The Clear2O® Gravity filters at less than one micron filtration level.
How long does it take to fill the Gravity pitcher?
The Gravity pitcher fills in about 2-3 minutes.
Does the Gravity pitcher fit in the refrigerator door?
The Gravity pitcher space saving design fits in most refrigerator doors.
Why has the water flow slow down in my pitcher?
The most common reason for a slow down in water flow is because of the filter capturing particulates and contaminants reducing the flow rate.
My water taste good, does this mean it's safe to drink?

Even if the taste and odor of your water is good.  It's recommended to find out whether there are other contaminants in your municipality's water that need to be filtered out. Your local water supplier’s Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) will state the levels of contaminants—such as heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes—that are present many which are tasteless.


What is the filtration level for Countertop System?

The Clear2O Countertop Water Filtration System has a solid carbon block filtering at one micron level.

Does the Countertop Water Filtration System require a faucet installation?

Yes, it includes a faucet adapter kit to get you started the moment you receive the product. It is not recommended for spray faucets.

Does it require tools to install?

No tools required.  It is quick and easy to install.

Can you change the water flow between filter and unfiltered water?

Yes, the diverter switches between filtered and unfiltered water.

How do I remove the plastic filter housing?

Unscrew the housing to replace filter.  If the filter housing is difficult to remove, this may be a result of over tightening.  It is recommended to apply a small amount of silicone lubricant to the threads and tighten snugly.

How long should the Countertop Water Filtration System filter last?

The actual capacity of the filtration may vary depending on the water quality. This may be due to the volume of contaminants or sediments present in the water supply. For optimal performance, replace your filter when flow rate diminishes and/or notice a taste or odor re-occurrence.

What is the size of the Countertop Water Filtration System?

The dimensions are  12" H x 6" W x 4"D.

Will hot water damage the filter?

Yes, filter is only to be used with cold portable water.

Does the countertop water filtration system have the capability to change from filtered water to non-filtered?

Yes, diverter switches between filtered and unfiltered water.


What method of filtration is used in Clear2O RV & Marine Inline Water Filter?

The Clear2O RV & Marine Inline Water filters the water at the one micron level with it's proprietary formula solid carbon block.  Many of the competitors in the market filter use granular carbon filtering at the 20-100 micron level.

Will this RV inline water filter eliminate sulfur / rotten egg smell?

Yes, the term “sulfur water” typically refers to water that has a rotten-egg odor that is caused by hydrogen sulfide. The Clear2O® RV & Marine Inline Water Filter will eliminate the sulfur odors.

How is the RV filter installed?

On the outside, either at the source for your water or where the hose connects to the camper. Note: Always flush the water spigot before installing filter.

Will this filter eliminate cloudy water?

Yes, it will remove cloudy water.

What kind of water filtration do should I use in my RV...inline or canister system?

Both can give you equal cleanliness in water it depends mostly on what your needs are and the acceptable cost of each.

For new campers....we usually recommend starting with the RV Inline Water Filter (CRV2006), and DirtGUARD Pre-Filter (CPF1000).  This provides two stage filtration with the ease of use as an inline filter.   Over time, if you have the can consider a canister system that will give your higher flow rates and longer filter life.

Using a water filter will give peace of mind when drinking, rinsing, cooking and showering.

What is the water flow rate?

The Clear2O RV & Marine Inline water filter has a one micron solid carbon block filtration with a flow rate of 3.5 gpm at 50psi.

When do I need to replace the inline filter?

The filter's purpose is to block harmful contaminants. Much has to to do with the quality of the water location.  If the inline water filter is the only method of filtration a lower pressure and flow rate might happen sooner due to sediment coating the filter and replacing the filter will be sooner.

CLEAR2O DirtGUARD Sediment Pre-Filter - CPF1000

Why do I need a DirtGUARD?

The purpose of the DirtGUARD is to transform your RV Inline Water filter into a two stage filtration and extend the life of your inline water filter.

What is the DirtGUARD micron?

The 20 micron Polyethylene filter provides a higher dirt holding capacity.

Is the DirtGUARD resuable?

Yes, it can be washed to remove dirt and be reinstalled. It is okay to also lightly scrub the outside of the filter to loosen any sediments prior to back washing. Note: Cleaning the filter does not restore the original color of the filter.

Can the DirtGUARD be used with other RV Inline Water Filter?

Yes, the DirtGUARD is versatile and can be used with most standard inline water filters in the market.

How do I use the DirtGUARD backwash adapter?

Backwashing extends filter life between changes.  Attach backwash adapter to hose end and then to outlet side of DirtGUARD.  It is recommended to only loosely attach to DirtGUARD to prevent difficulty in removing.  Once attached, turn on water and run for 3-5 minutes to clear any loose debris.

What orientation does the DirtGUARD need to be installed?

The DirtGUARD can be used in any orientation.

Does DirtGUARD need to be kept in a warm location during the winter?

Both RV inline and DirtGUARD filters must be kept in a warm location to avoid damage to the filter.  The best way to prevent damage to your in-line filters or DIrtGUARD is to dump the water from the filters before the freezing starts.  Freezing will create micro-cracks in the mechanical structure of the filter, allowing larger particles to get through the filter and reducing the effectiveness of the carbon filter.

Should I use a water pressure regulator with my DirtGUARD?

Yes, a water pressure regulator must be used at all times to avoid the risk of a water pressure spike that can damage the filter and/or your RV fittings. It is recommended to test campground water pressure before installing and monitor the pressure during product usage.


CLEAR2O Personal Dual Water Filtration System - PWF850

Can you use the CLEAR2O Personal Dual Water Filtration to drink from an open water source?

CLEAR2O® Personal Water Filter Dual Filtration reduces bacteria and parasites, preventing waterborne disease. Easy to use and drink directly from streams and lakes, or fill up a container and enjoy clean water on the go.  Eliminates bad taste and odors.

What micron does it filter?

Fiber membrane can filter to 0.1 Micron.

Does the filter have a filter window?

Yes, this will be helpful to understand when it time to backwash the filter.

Does the filter work in freezing conditions?

Once your filter freezes it's best to discard. It might crack and loses its filtering ability.  Have a plan B if this happens.

What are the accessories in this product?

1 Liter collapsible durable 3-ply reusable water bottle with sport cap and carabiner included.

Filter Contaminant Removal / Water Quality Testing

What contaminants does the Clear2O filter remove?
Please visit the Performance Data Sheet page. 

What should I do if I want my household water tested?
From the CDC (Center and Disease Control and Prevention) website:

The United States has one of the safest public water supplies in the world. However, if you are concerned about contaminants in your home’s water system, contact your state drinking water certification officer to obtain a list of certified laboratories in your state. Depending on how many contaminants you wish to test for, a water test can cost from $15 to hundreds of dollars.

If you want to view your drinking water quality reports online: From the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) website please visit:



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What is the warranty on the Clear2O® water filtration products?
Keep a copy of the purchase receipt and/or installation receipt.  This product has a 90-day Limited Warranty (which applies only in the United States and Canada) when strictly used in accordance with instructions to filter municipally treated/private well, potable tap water.
Applica Water Products, LLC. warrants the CLEAR2O products against defects that are due to faulty material or workmanship for a limited ninety day period after the original date of consumer purchase or receipt as a gift when used strictly in accordance with instructions described in the owners manual and/or packaging.

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CLEAR2O has a 90 day-limited warranty policy, but requires the buyer to report any issues by inspecting and testing their CLEAR2O product within 7 days of delivery to ensure a quick and easy return process. All returns must be accompanied with a RMA # (Return Merchandise Authorization Number). The customer must use the same email / address and be the original buyer that was provided when the order was placed with CLEAR2O at the time of the purchase. Once an order has been paid and shipped, a refund cannot be processed. The package must be delivered to the buyer who will ship it back to CLEAR2O at their expense. Once the package is received and inspected a refund will be issued. Contact the customer service department at to request RMA #. Returned product must be in their original packaging, with all included parts and manual. Any return of funds will go back to the original source of payment. If refund is issued, it can take up to 7 business days before your credit card and/or bank card reflects the funds.


CLEAR2O reserves the sole right to determine if the customer meets the requirements of any warranty, return, exchange, damage, final sale and/or refund policy. All return claim correspondences be sent to the email This way there is a traceable record that keeps all parties abreast of the claim situation and status.

For questions regarding warranty, exchange process and to receive an RMA # (RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION NUMBER) contact our Customer Service Assistance via e-mail at

Our products are intended for household use only, not for commercial or industrial use.


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Cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer unless shipped in error.  Shipping and handling costs are not refundable.

Do I Need a Return Merchandising Authorization Number (RMA) form?
Yes, send an e-mail with your contact information, explain in your email the situation, what you are requesting, attached photos and a copy of your receipt to to request a RMA form.  Please allow 5 business days for our exchange processing to be completed.  Product will not be accepted without a confirmed RMA number.


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