Frequently Asked Questions

Clear2O Filtered Water Pitcher - CWS100 

How many glasses of water does the pitcher hold?
The Clear2O® filter water pitcher holds 9, 8-oz. glasses of clean drinking water.

Which filter model do I buy for my Clear2O® pitcher?
All pitcher models use the same Clear2O® filters. Model CWF500 series and CWF101  

How long does it take to fill the pitcher?

Pitcher fills up under a minute.

What method of filtration is used with the CWS100?
The Clear2O filter water pitcher's top is designed to be removed and cleaned. Sometimes, during transit, the top might become lodged.  To release, place the pitcher on a flat secure surface.  Place one hand on the handle and the other hand under the spout.  Gently compress the pitcher by pushing each hand towards the other, expanding the sides of the pitcher.  This should release the top.  If the top does not become free after compressing, gently remove and lift the base of the hose upwards until the top is released.  The top should now open making it available for cleaning.  To replace, gently snap back into place.

Can the pitcher filter untreated water?
You should never use anything other than municipally treated or private well potable water with the Clear2O® water filtration system for clean, safe drinking water.

What contaminants does the pitcher filter water reduce?

The Clear2O® water filtration system has been tested to reduce over 200 contaminants including asbestos, cadmium, cysts, lead, mercury, turbidity, VOCs, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial wastes, PFOA's (Perfluorooctanoic Acids) and more.  

Do I have to use the aerator sink attachments provided with the Clear2O® filter water pitcher?
Yes, please visit our troubleshooting guide for additional installation directions.

How do you remove the pitcher lid to clean your pitcher?

Carefully lift up the hose and pull gently while holding handle. To remove the lid assembly, use your index finger, lift the filter lid to open. Grasp the top bar on the filter and pull it straight up to disengage the lid assembly from the pitcher.

Should I be concerned with my Clear2O® pitcher, there are black specks in my the water reservoir what should I do? 
Seeing carbon particles in the pitcher after several weeks of use is not a problem. The particles are also not an indication that it is time to change your filter. You should change it every 2 months or every 50 gallons, whichever comes first. Sometimes smaller particles become loose and may be seem at the bottom of the filter. This is not a problem. However since the particles are unsightly, you may want to remove the filter and rinse in cold water.

What is the minimum/maximum temperature of the water that I can use with the pitcher?
There is no minimum water temperature, the maximum water temperature that should be used with the Clear2O® filter water pitcher is 85°F (29° C).  NEVER use hot water (above 85°F (29° C).  

Is Clear2O® filter water pitcher made out of recyclable plastic material?

Yes, the Clear2O® pitcher is BPA Free and recyclable. It is made of ABS and AS plastic. For responsible recycling, please visit

Is the pitcher dishwasher-safe?

No. The water filtration system including the pitcher, lid, and filter reservoir should be cleaned periodically by hand. For best results cleaning the pitcher lid, dilute a teaspoon of vinegar in a cup of water. Soak a soft sponge in the vinegar solution and wipe clean.

Can I refrigerate the pitcher?


Can I use a spray faucet with this pitcher?
This product is NOT recommended to be used with a spray faucet.  It directly fills from your tap, using the force of the water flow to fill faster than the filters that just have the water drip through the filter.  

Clear2o Pitcher Filter - CWF101 CWF500 Series

What is the filter made out of?
The filter is made from a solid block of carbon.

What is the intelligent-filter indicator?

The intelligent-filter indicator measures the amount of water used, so you'll always know when it's time for a replacement water filter.

How does the green/yellow/red intelligent-filter indicator work?

Each filter is good for 50 gallons of water consumption. The filter indicator will stay green for 40 gallons of water, changes to yellow for 10 more gallons of water. When it turns red, it's time to replace the filter. The filter indicator turns back to green each time a filter is locked into the pitcher, so don't unlock the filter unnecessarily because this will reset the filter meter.

How many filters come with my Clear2O® pitcher?

The Clear2O® pitcher comes with one filter already installed at the factory.

Where can I purchase filters?

Filters can be purchased on our website and

Do I need to clean the unit after replacing the filter?

You should fill and discard the first 3 pitchers of water to flush the filter and purge the air.

Does the filter need to be soaked prior to using the pitcher?

No soaking is required. ​

What is the difference between model CWF100 and CWF500?
The model CWF500 is the new and improved model that reduces over 200 contaminants.  The CWF100 is no longer in production.

Clear2Go Filtered Water Bottle - CWB Series- Splash - Sport - Vanity

How many ounces does the bottle hold?
Clear2Go™ Sport bottle with filter holds 24 oz. of water. Clear2Go™ Active, Vanity and Splash bottle with filter holds 20 oz of water.

Where can you fill a Clear2Go™ bottle?
Clear2Go™ bottle can be filled from any tap water source.

What is the Clear2GO™ Filter technology?
Clear2Go™uses a carbon filtration technology in a filter media combining the benefits of sub-micron particulate filtration with exceptional chemical removal. Comprised of nano meter-size particles, these filters far exceed current filtration systems and can handle the most difficult treatment requirements for consumer, residential, and recreational water purification.

What contaminants does it filter?
Clear2Go™ has been tested according to water industry Standard 42 for the reduction of aesthetic chlorine taste and odor, and Particulate Class I, and against Standard 53 for the reduction of turbidity and cysts(cryptosporidium and giardia).

What is the life of the filter?
We offer two filters…..The Splash Filter lasts for 40 gallons and the Clear2Go™ filter lasts for 100 gallons.

How do you know when you have reached the gallon capacity on the filter?
We recommend replacing the filter every 2 to 3 months for optimal quality depending on individual water consumption. There commended daily intake of water is a minimum of 64 oz.

Can any other liquid be used in the bottle such as an energy drink supplement or flavoring that mixes with water?
Clear2Go™ is intended for use with water only. If another substance is added into the bottle, it may decrease the effectiveness of the filter.

Can I use hot water with my Clear2Go™ bottle?
Clear2Go™ bottle with filter is intended for cold or room-temperature water use only. Operating Water Temperature: Max 85°F- Min 34°F.

How do I wash my bottle?

Simply unscrew the filter from inside the cap and rinse with water. Never wash the filter. The cap and bottle are top-rack dishwasher safe and may be washed with soap and water.

Where can I purchase Clear2Go™ bottle with filter?
Currently Clear2Go™ bottle with filter is available on our website and Amazon. Coming soon to additional retailers.

Are any accessories available for the Clear2Go™ bottle?

Not yet, but our product development team is currently researching accessories for Clear2Go™ and we plan to offer these and other products in the future.

Does the unit come in any other colors?

Yes, multiple colors are available.

Is the Clear2Go™ bottle BPA Free?
Yes, our bottles are made from BPA-free materials.

Who manufactures Clear2Go™?

Clear2Go™ is manufactured by Applica Water Products, LLC.

Where is it manufactured?

Our bottles are designed in the US and manufactured in China. Our filter media is produced in the United States and assembled in China.

Is Clear2Go™ made out of recyclable plastic material?
Yes, the Clear2Go™ bottle is made out of 100% recyclable. They are made of LDPE which is BPA- Free material and does not leach into your water. For responsible recycling, please visit
Does boiling water remove lead?
Boiling does not remove lead from your drinking or cooking water. It does not remove chemicals. The only way to remove meaningful concentrations of chemicals is by using a quality water filtration system that reduces lead.

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What is the warranty on the Clear2O® water filtration system?
The Clear2O® water filtration system is covered by a 90-day warranty against manufacturer defects. All returned items must be in a new, unused conditioned and contain all original parts and protective seals. We will not accept or refund any items that have been damaged, used or do not contain all original parts. We will not issue any refunds on product that were damaged during installation or due to incorrect installation.

You may return any product for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase if you are not completely satisfied. All items must be returned in their original condition, with the original packaging, manuals and accessories.  We will not accept or refund any item that have been damaged, used or do not contain all original parts and protective seals.  We will not issue any refunds on products that were damaged during installations.

Cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer unless shipped in error.  Shipping and handling costs are not refundable.

Do I Need a Return Merchandising Authorization (RMA) form?
Yes, send an e-mail with your contact information and a copy of your receipt to to request a RMA form.

Filter Contaminant Removal / Water Quality Testing

What contaminants does the Clear2o filter remove?
Please visit the Performance Data Sheet page. 

What should I do if I want my household water tested?
From the CDC (Center and Disease Control and Prevention) website:

The United States has one of the safest public water supplies in the world. However, if you are concerned about contaminants in your home’s water system, contact your state drinking water certification officer to obtain a list of certified laboratories in your state. Depending on how many contaminants you wish to test for, a water test can cost from $15 to hundreds of dollars.

If you want to view your drinking water quality reports online: From the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) website please visit: