About Us

CLEAR2O® is the leader in superior water filtration, bringing “Better Water by Design” to countless homes and RVs, and into the hands of savvy customers craving healthier, better-tasting water to quench their thirst. From filtered water bottles, pitchers, countertop filtration, whole house filtration and on-the-go RV filtration systems, CLEAR2O® has got you covered!

In 2008 CLEAR2O®, revolutionized the water filtration industry with an innovative water filter pitcher product that use advanced technology to deliver water that filtered better than our competitors. Whether in the kitchen with CLEAR2O® or on the road we ensure you’re only drinking the best-tasting, balanced water in and out of the house.

Check out our product line and let our CLEAR2O® team help bring you solutions that offer “Better Water by Design!”