About Us

Clear2O® is the leader in superior water filtration, bringing “Better Water by Design” to countless homes and RVs, and into the hands of savvy customers craving healthier, better-tasting water to quench their thirst. From filtered water bottles, pitchers, in-countertop filtration, whole house filtration and on-the-go RV filtration systems, Clear2O® has got you covered!

In 2008, Applica Water Products, LLC., revolutionized the water filtration industry with innovative products that use advanced technology to deliver water that is filtered 5 times better than our competitors. Whether in the kitchen with Clear2O® or on the road with Clear2GO, Applica ensures you’re only drinking the best-tasting, balanced water in and out of the house.

This year, we’ve dramatically expanded our product line to enhance key products you already know and love with our advanced new filtration:

  • Clear2O® Advanced Premium Carbon Filter uses NASA technology throughout your house or RV to protect plumbing and appliances from contaminants like chlorine, VOCs, sand, sediment, silt and rust for up to 6 months
  • Clear2O® Mineral Rich Alkaline Water Pitcher features industry-leading 5 stage filtration, ensuring enhanced pH levels
  • Clear2O® Gravity Advanced Filter Water Pitcher features a high-flow system that fills up faster while continuing to offer superior filtration
  • Clear2O® Countertop Drinking Water Filter System is a convenient solution featuring a solid carbon block that delivers clean, healthy, naturally-balanced water every time

In addition to our Water Pitcher and Countertop Filtration Systems, we offer a full line of reusable water bottles, RV filters, humidifiers, and a large supply of parts and accessories. Check out our product line and let our team at Applica Water Products LLC help bring you solutions that offer “Better Water by Design!”