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During this pandemic – and perhaps because of it – experienced RVers are getting back into their vehicles, while a growing segment of newcomers are undertaking this wholesome activity for the first time. The ability to be in a safe environment, enjoy the outdoors, visit new places, all while social distancing has created a growing interest in this recreational activity.

When we say that RVing is a great pursuit for the whole family, we really mean the whole family – including family members with four legs. The fact is, RVing with pets has become increasingly popular, as many pet owners would rather not leave them at home, for both safety and companionship reasons.  

While traveling with pets can be a rewarding experience for all parties, it does require some preplanning to ensure not just the safety and well-being of your pet but of other RVers in the vicinity. There are a number of great articles online offering helpful tips and advice on how to maximize your pets’ enjoyment while minimizing the risks. (By the way, when we say “pets,” we don’t just mean dogs. Cats are included as well, as is the occasional goat.)

A quick Google search on “RVing with pets” will deliver a plethora of entries covering the subject, so there’s no need to offer this easily obtained information here. However, one topic that may not receive adequate attention is the hydration of your pets while on your outing. As water filtration experts, we at CLEAR2O® are uniquely qualified to offer advice on keeping your pets properly hydrated during your RV adventure – whether it’s a quick overnight stay or a month off the beaten path under the stars.

Hydration is as important for our pets as it is for us – maybe even more. In fact, our pets’ bodies are made up of close to 80% water, substantially more than our own 60% water concentration. As a result, our pets can become dehydrated quickly over the summer months, often before we’re even aware of it. So critical is hydration for pets that this past July was designated as the first-ever Pet Hydration Awareness Month.


The brainchild of Pet Safe, a global leader in pet products and solutions, July was chosen since it is typically the start of the hottest summer temperatures. Of course, August is generally a brutally hot month as well; the truth is, depending on where you live or where you bring your RV, you may be in a climate that demands constant attention to your pet’s hydration situation.

Just as crucial as making sure your pet has enough water is making sure they have the right type of water. If you’re RVing, there’s a good chance you’re using some kind of water filtration, whether it’s an inline filter, dual-stage filtration system, or even a complex reverse osmosis process. But whatever you’re using, you recognize the need to remove large particulates like sediment, rust and silt that contribute to bad-tasting, foul-smelling water, as the well as the more harmful contaminants and pollutants, like pesticides, chlorine, and industrial runoff.

The point? Your pets need the same clean, pollutant-free water that you do. In fact, studies have shown that animals drink more water when it is fresh, clean and odor-free, meaning they will stay better hydrated. RVers need to be even more aware of this because campground water is notorious for its low quality; what’s more, the level of quality varies from campground to campground.

Perhaps you’re tempted to just fill your pet’s water bowl directly from the campground spigot for convenience, or to save the water you’ve already filtered for your family. Resist the temptation. It may mean having to filter more water, but the minor trouble will be worth it for your pet’s health and safety.

When we created our water filtration products, we not only had people in mind but our furry friends as well. So whether you choose our highly popular RV and Marine Inline Water Filter that works at the 1-micron filtration level; our dual-stage our Dual Canister Water Filtration System; or our new DirtGUARD™, which transforms your inline water filter into a two-stage water filtration system; our goal is provide humans and animals alike with the best water possible.

But even if you’re not filtering, be sure to provide your pet with the highest-quality water available - in other words, the same water that you’re drinking. You know they would do the same for you.

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