The blogs we create at CLEAR2O® are meant to accomplish a number of objectives:

  • Educate our readers on the importance of water filtration
  • Inform you about the options available to accomplish your water filtration goals
  • Entertain you

We’re pretty confident that we are meeting the challenge on all three. We constantly put forth the most current information about the subject of water filtration and its importance to you, the RVer. We let you know about the products that can help you get the best water experience possible. The occasional water quiz is meant to entertain but also educate in a more lighthearted way.  

Today’s blog takes a slightly different approach. We just returned from the Florida RV SuperShow, one of the premier events in the industry. If it had anything to do with RV’s it was there: RV parts and accessories, maintenance experts, RV and travel bloggers, part-time and full-time RVers, and so much more. The only thing that wasn’t there was…well, actually, we can’t think of anything.

From our exhibit space we talked to hundreds of people, not just about the various water filtration methods and options, but RVing in general. And, opportunity to share our story. After a full week at the show interacting with untold numbers of RV enthusiasts, we’ve made a number of observations that we’d like to share. Some may seem elementary, but they are worth highlighting:

RVers Really Love RVing: Talk about elementary. We bring it up because it’s simply not possible to exaggerate just how passionate RVers are about this lifestyle. For some, it’s a 24/7 pursuit; for others, it’s an occasional weekend getaway. But what bonds them all is the gusto and focus that they exhibit when they are talking about it. Of course, some are more passionate than others, but all had an issue to resolve, and a story to share.

People Are Nice: A broad statement, to be sure, and one which may not strike you as a particularly deep revelation. But in these divisive times, it can take something like an industry trade show, with everyone connected by a mutual interest in a highly satisfying recreational activity, to remember just how friendly and approachable people can be. The overwhelming majority of folks we spoke with were friendly, engaging, humble, and often just downright funny. With some people, we just talked business; with others we were all over the map, talking about our children, the Florida weather, our favorite TV shows, and our other interests (although let’s face it, as RVers we don’t have any other interests). It’s easy to lose sight of the good nature of people, especially if the interaction is mostly through email; sometimes, an event like this can help put it back into clear focus. As a family owned business, we enjoy meeting our customers and understanding their needs in person. Sometimes you get an earful, but it all funnels back to making our products better!

RVers Need What We Sell: No one will doubt the fact that clean water – whether for showering, drinking cooking, whatever – is the lifeblood of any RV trip. This is not to suggests that RV parts, advice on tire wear, campground safety and other such topics are not critical elements of the RV experience. But without clean water, your RV trip is – excuse the pun - dead in the water. Of course, you don’t need the same level of water purity for showering as you do for drinking, but the point remains: the need for water that meets minimum standards for each function is arguably the most critical part of your trip. If it isn’t, it had better be number two.

RVers Need What CLEAR2O® Sells: With a complete lack of humility, we continue to confirm our pre-show suspicions: many of the water filtration products in the marketplace aren’t doing the jobs they were made to do. At the CLEAR2O® booth, we were talking about – and actively selling – some of our newest offerings, as well as our established flagship products.

Our CRV2006 RV and Marine Inline Water Filter, has been a staple, using solid-block carbon to filter out more contaminants than our “blue” competitor. While there are other dual canister systems available, our new Dual Canister CDC200 Water Filtration System impressed attendees with its durability, solid brass fittings and hardware, and oil-filled pressure gauges. And our newest product, DirtGUARD, was met with tremendous enthusiasm. Available this Spring, the DirtGUARD is the first-ever inline RV prefilter specifically created to remove the sediment and other large particulates that shorten the life of inline filters. In doing so, it allows the carbon inline filter to handle the smaller particles it was meant for. It is going to be, for lack of a better term, a “game changer” in the water filtration industry. Check back with us as we continue to introduce more products intended to meet the needs of your particular type of RV-ing…..whether it is just for the weekend, just for the season, or full time on the road.

All in all, we found the Florida RV SuperShow to be a fun, educational, and wonderfully social experience, putting us face to face with the people who share the same enthusiasm for RVing – and pure, clean water – that we do. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again, next year!

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