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Double Filtering Power for the Full-Time RVer;
Sleek Design Combined with High Level of Durability

MIRAMAR, FL (October XX, 2019) – The serious RVers – the ones who are in their vehicles most of the year, as well as the “snowbirds” escaping cold-weather locales – need a serious water filtration system. They put a heavy strain on their systems day in and day out as they depend on them to generate clear water for washing, rinsing, cooking and drinking. Consequently, durability, high flow rates, and long filter life are among the most critical attributes that the system for a full-time RV enthusiast needs to have.

With this in mind, CLEAR2O®, a premier manufacturer of high-quality water filtration products, created the CDC200 Dual Canister Filter System. This system, engineered for the serious RVer, combines heavy-duty functionality with a sleek, attractive design – and the versatility to be placed almost anywhere.
Comprised of two separate filters, the Dual Canister Filter System delivers the highest-quality water for all purposes. It is perfect for the full-time RVer whose regular water supply requires constant filtering or who is getting water from multiple sources where the water quality is not known.

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“Keith Bernard, CEO of CLEAR2O, explained one of the primary benefits of a dual-canister system for the frequent RVer.

With a single-canister system, the filter cartridge needs to perform both sediment removal and taste-and-odor improvement, which reduces the life of the filter dramatically,” he said. “For the full-time RVer, this is a problem, as they will find themselves going through filters far too quickly.

“Our dual canister system has a prefilter and a carbon filter [both sold separately]. In Stage One of the filtering process, the prefilter eliminates silt, sand, sediment, rust, and other particulates that are universally recognized as ‘filter killers.’ In Stage Two, our carbon filter removes taste and odor issues, along with other harmful contaminants. This second filter uses solid-block carbon, a far more effective element than granulated carbon, which can allow numerous contaminants to pass through and can even block beneficial minerals.”

An important consideration for a dual canister system is where to put it. The more locations in which it can be placed, the more versatile it is for the RVer. The CDC200 Dual Canister Filter System is one of the few that features a solid, weather-resistant, powder-coated steel stand that can be freestanding or mounted in a variety of locations. Adding to its versatility, the open back of the CDC200 system stand makes installation extremely easy from different sides. What’s more, despite its sturdiness, it is the lightest mount available.

From a performance standpoint, the large, heavy-duty, high-strength canisters of the CDC200 Dual Canister Filter System incorporate leak-proof, buttress-style threading, allowing for maximum water flow. All the system’s fittings and hardware are solid brass, making them both attractive and sturdy.

The system includes oil-filled gauges to monitor pressure and provide a visual snapshot of each filter’s status, an attractive feature for the serious RVer. In addition, the CDC200 Dual Canister Filter System can be attached to any standard size RV water connecting hose.

MSRP of the CDC200 Dual Canister Filter System is $249.99 (including wrench). It is available on the CLEAR2O website or on Amazon.

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Founded in 2008 and based in Miramar, FL, CLEAR2O® manufactures and markets a variety of high-quality water filtration products. As a leader in this market, CLEAR2O® embraces its mantra of ‘Better Water by Design’, bringing the healthiest, best-tasting water to countless consumers, whether at home, on the road, or in their RV’s. The company’s extensive line of products includes filtered water pitchers, in-countertop filtration systems, whole-house filtration, garden and pet water filters, outdoor recreational products for on-the-go, and camping/RV filtration systems. One of its flagship products, the Clear2O® Advanced Water Filtration Pitcher - CWS100, has been consistently rated a “Best Buy” by Consumer Reports. For more information, please visit