A Better GREEN NEW DEAL! Announcing Clear2O® RV & MARINE Water Filter Featuring 1 µicron Filter Performance is now Available at Wal-Mart Stores Nationwide

Applica Water Product LLC, a leading developer of water filtration products, announces the marketplace launch of its NEW Clear2O® RV & MARINE Inline Water Filter with 1 µicron Filtration focused on delivering clear, filtered water for all RV & Marine use. Now available at Wal-mart stores nationwide.

MIRAMAR, Fla.June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Those that love the RV life style, want clean, great-tasting water wherever their adventures take them.  And now it's even easier to find!  Wal-mart Stores has now added the Clear2O RV & Marine Inline Water Filter to its RV product section.  The Clear2O filter not only offers clean tasting water but eliminates sulfur odors and reduces contaminants, including Lead.  Now available at most Wal-mart locations nationwide.

RV & campers often purchase disposable plastic water bottles for their drinking water consumption.  But aside from the cost, this comes with a high environmental impact.  Filtering your water on the road not only helps the environment, but eliminates needless bottle waste.  Making it a great choice for you and the environment.

The Clear2O ® RV & MARINE Inline Water Filter uses an advanced solid carbon block filter technology that cleanly filters out contaminants to a 1 µicron level of purity and still maintains a high flow rate of over three gallons per minute. Just connect directly to your fresh water hose and the Clear2O ® RV & MARINE Inline Water Filter cleans 100% of the water flowing to your Recreational Vehicle or boat.

The secret is a solid block filtering system capable of dramatically reducing the amount of Chlorine (Cl) and toxic heavy metals, such as lead (Pb) & mercury (Hg), from drinking water, in addition to, capturing volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other harmful contaminants.  Each filter will last up to six months depending on use.

"When you are on the road and with locations nationwide, it is easy to stop by your local Wal-mart and pick up our new GREEN filter, no longer need to wait for online delivery," said Keith Bernard, President Clear2O®.

The inline filter has been developed to meet & exceed water quality industry standards for reduction of Chlorine, Lead, Volatile Organic Compounds & reduction of other contaminants.  The Clear2O® RV & MARINE Inline Water Filter also reduces Herbicides, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Wastes, and PFOA's (Perfluoroctanoic Acids) from your water.

The slogan, 'Drink Clean & Go Green™' is easily seen as the filter is BRIGHT GREEN and easily found online via our website, Amazon, & other online retailers, and now available at your local Wal-mart that features and RV section on the automotive aisle.

Easy to install for use at campgrounds while out on the road. Just hook up to you campsite water spigot and immediately enjoy fresh, clear water. Eliminates the sulfur "rotten egg" smell and makes fresh-tasting water. Eliminates harmful contaminants such as Lead & Mercury as well as Chlorine and other Volatile Organic Compounds.

Since 2008, Applica Water Products LLC has delivered improved water filtration technologies for the home, through its Clear2O® and Clear2GO® brands.  Our mission is to provide clean, fresh tasting water to our customers to enjoy for many years to come.

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