Do You Have A DirtGUARD?

Enhancing the overall effectiveness of your water filtration system starts by using a water pre-filter in conjunction with your carbon filter to BLOCK dirt particles that would otherwise clog up the carbon filter more quickly.

The CLEAR2O® DirtGUARD™ Sediment Pre-Filter (CPF1000) serves as the initial layer of protection by capturing and eliminating particulate matter, including dirt, silt, sand, and debris from your water supply. By adding this pre-filter to your inline water filter, you create a two-stage water filtration system, which guarantees that you're utilizing the purest possible water.


Our 10 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter extends the life of the RV inline water filter blocking silt, sand, sediment, rust & other particulates that will likely clog the filter.


Easily install the DirtGUARD transforming your inline water filter to a two stage filtration system.  Pro-longing the life of your inline RV water filter to ensure you are using the cleanest possible water.


  • Blocks silt, sand, sediment, rust & other particulates at the 10 Micron level that tend to clog your filter.
  • Clean and reuse the filter, removing the buildup can extend the life of the filter.


Fine particles down to 10 Micron are easily trapped in the Clear2O® DirtGUARD sediment pre-filter.  Made from high density polyethylene, the sediment filter has exceptional holding capacity.  The filtering process eliminates a variety of impurities such as dirt, sand, silt, sediments, rust, etc.  This initiates the purification process and prolongs the life of the filter.


Conveniently designed to fit most standard inline water filters.  Extending the life of your filter.

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