Since 2008, Applica Water Products LLC has delivered improved water filtration technologies for the home as a developer and manufacturer of a wide range of water filtration products for use in and outside the home under the Clear2O™ and Clear2GO brand names.

The Clear2O® tagline of “Better Water By Design,” is fulfilled by identifying and applying superior water filtration technologies in the market.  At present, the Company participates in the countertop, filtered Water Pitcher category under the Clear2O® mark and, for water on the GO, we offer filtered Water Bottles under the Clear2GO® marks.

Our new Clear2O® Mineral Rich, Alkaline water pitcher offers excellent five stage filtration, while delivering beneficial minerals & enhanced pH levels to improve your water. Additionally, our new Clear2O® Gravity Advanced Water Filtration Pitcher offers high flow rates and high filtration utilizing our Positive Cat-Ion Filter, creating a filter system that fills faster and offers superior filtration over existing granular carbon filters.

Applica Water Products will continue to build value in its brands through offering superior performance in water filtration for its customers.